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I welcome you to Yogic Heritage. This is an institute of my dreams, made with the bricks of knowledge and insight, nurtured with purity and completeness and based on the concept of sharing and respect.

I can guarantee the purest form of yogic knowledge to you, covering traditions, cultural aspect and practicals along with teaching practive and conventional Indian 'Gurukul' style classes  
Prof. G S Sahay
Founder, Yogic Heritage
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‘Yogic Heritage’ is committed to transmit the knowledge of yoga without making any change to the original descriptions and also without any superimpositions. We are of the opinion that we must not forget the source of Yoga and various scriptures that contain the description of the concepts in detail. The course conducted here is RYS certified and you will get a certificate of RYT 200 recognised by Yoga Alliance 

You can also find related courses and information on our associated Yoga Institute "Tattvaa Yogshala"
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Why Yogic Heritage

Yogic Heritage is an institute based on traditional values of Yoga. The scintific approach makes it the right blend of learning with a 360 degree spectrum to concepts and various approaches. The focus of the institute is to propagate the traditional and original form of Yoga, with its deepest understanding in its purest form.

All the concepts taught here are based on traditional text and ancient Indian manuscripts. Prof Sahay has been a pioneer in converting these manuscripts to article and books and thereby making the huge wealth of knowledge available to people.

The classes are run in gurukul style with the teacher actually living with the students and yogic aspirants. complete access to the teacher enhances the learning exposure and takes the learning to the next level

The classes are held in Lonavala or in Rishikesh based on the number of students. Both these places are blessed with natural beauty and create a perfect ambience for yogic practice

“Health is wealth, consciousness is
bliss, serene Yoga shows the way”