Course 1
Certificate Course in Hathayoga & Pranayama - RYT 200


The objective of the course is to make the students familiar with the original source of Yoga and thereby making them able to understand the authentic theory and practice of yoga as found in ancient texts and handed down to us through ages.
This couse focuses on Pranayama and provides a detailed theoritical understanding of core conceopts of Indian Philosophy, Yogasutra and Hathayoga.  


The Teacher Training Course is aimed at both kinds of participants, who would like to get fundamental knowledge of Traditional and Authentic Yoga ( with emphasis on Patanjali’s Yogasutra, Hatha Yoga, Indian Philosophy and Pranayama), for deepening their knowledge and  practice & For  those who would like to take  first step towards becoming Authentic Yoga Teacher.


The course will be conducted in 21 days. All Sundays will remain holiday
Classes will start at 7.00 AM in the morning and will continue up to 6.00PM with 2 hour break for lunch and Half an hour for snacks
We will engage classes 8 Hours per day and 21 days course will complete 200 Hours ( actual 144 Hours, contact hours 56)


  • The total course fee is Euro 1200 (includes separate room accommodation with attached toilet, Two meals, and one snacks)
  • Students are requested to pay minimum Euro 300 in advance to confirm your seat
  • ​Please add bank trasaction fees (usually 5%)
  • If paying through PayPal use ID [email protected] 
  • Rest of the amount should be paid during joining of the course.


  • For Indian Students , the total course fee is Rs. 60000/-( Rs. Sixty thousand only)

  • The Indian Students can book their seat by paying an advance of Rs. 15000 /- (Rs. Fifteen thousand only)

  • Those, who pay full amount while bookingfor the course, will get Rs. 5000/- rebate and are required to pay only Rs. 55000/-

  1. Tradition of Yoga
    Traditions of yoga- will comprise of Historical and philosophical basis of Yoga whereas Traditional yoga will give emphasis on Two types of Yoga . Patanjala Yogasutra and Hathayoga. Historical accounts of Yoga : a. Vedic period b. Jainism and Buddhism c. Systems of Indian Philosophy d. Gita e. Different schools of yoga f. Tantra Yoga
  2. Traditional Yoga - Hathayoga
    a. 4 Limbs of Hathayogaprdipika b. 7 limbs of Gheranda Samhita c. Introduction to following texts i. Gorakshashatakam ii. Shivasamhita iii. Hatharatnavali iv. Shivasvarodaya
  3. Traditional Yoga - Patanjala Yogasutra
    a. Chitta and Chittavritti b. Abhyasa and Vairagya c. Ishvara d. Chittavikshepa and Vikshepa sahabhuva e. Chittaprasadana f. Samapatti g. Sabija and Nirbija Samadhi h. Kriyayoga i. Klesha j. Heya k. Heyahetu l. Hana m. Hanopaya n. Yama niyamadi Ashtanga Yoga o. Supernormal powers- result of Samyama ( Samadhi) p. Isolation
  4. Traditional Yoga - Modern Anatomy & Physiology
    Important systems according to modern Physiology a. Skeletal system b. Muscular system c. Digestive system d. Respiratory system e. Circulatory system f. Nervous system g. Endocrine system
  5. Traditional Yoga - Yogic Anatomical and Pysiological Concepts
    a. Nadis and Kanda b. Chakras , Concept and their application c. Vayus concept and their application d. Adharas, concept and their application e. Marmasthanas or vital points in Yoga, concept and their application f. Granthis, concept and their application g. Location of five elements in the body, concept and their application
  6. Practicals
    The course will also focus on the Practice of Pranayama / Kumbhakas which include practice of important Kumbhakas ( Pranayama). Body is gross. Breathing is also gross but comparatively subtle and mind is subtle. Working upon body is always easy. Working upon breathing is comparatively difficult hence it requires good mental preparation. We will have two sessions of Pranayama daily of 90 mts. each. Students dedication while learning Pranayama is required so that advance practice of Pranayama i.e. Kumbhaka with Bandhas can be taught


This is 21 days package course
Lunch will be served at 12.15 noon.
Snacks will be at 3.00 pm
Dinner between 7.30 and 8.00 pm
Food will be simple homemade and nutritious
No outside food is allowed
Wi-Fi facility will be available
Washing machine facility will be available on demand.
On one Sunday, the sightseeing in Lonavala can be permitted and arranged on additional payment to the Taxi
( any change in the schedule will be duly informed)
The certificate after successful completion of the course given by

Yogic Heritage is recognised by Yoga Alliance, USA for 200 hours