Introduction to Yogic Heritage

The ‘Yogic Heritage’ has been founded with a view to make people acquainted and familiar with the traditions of yoga and promote what exactly is the theory and practice of yoga as available and described in the ancient authentic yoga texts  so that students who have undergone this course can  be able to guide aspiring yoga students and promote Yoga in the right direction. Unfortunately many modern teachers of yoga are not giving importance to the source of yoga and associated various concepts and practices that constitute Yoga as a complete system.   It is our foremost duty to express our gratitude to those great seers and Yoga Sages who have handed down to us this wisdom and it is our foremost responsibility to protect these informations by way of making people aware about it.

40 Years Of Experience

Prof. G.S. Sahay, M.A.(Sanskrit Gold Medalist), born on 2nd July 1951, joined the World renowned Yoga Research Institute in the year 1976 and  worked as Research Officer in Philosophico-Literary Department ,Kaivalyadhama (Lonavla) till his retirement in July 2011.
Prof. Sahay  has  around 34 years of Teaching experience to the post graduate students at G.S. college of Yoga and cultural synthesis  Lonavla , and taught  Indian philosophy, Patanjali Yoga sutras, and Traditional Yogic texts .He has also delivered lectures in  different re-orientation programs organized for the teachers from the schools of Maharashtra and Central Govt. He has conducted various yoga camps and workshops on yoga in India as well as visited Seoul South Korea to conduct yoga courses.
Prof. Sahay is a member of Advisory board,  Board of studies and distinguished visiting faculty to various Universities and Institutions in India and abroad. He has authored more than 35 Research papers published in Yoga Mimamsa as well as  in Indian and foreign journals.  He has attended various national and international conferences on yoga and allied subjects. He is also co-editor of 12 books on Yoga published by Yoga Mimamsa publications.
Prof. Sahay has been recognized as Eminent Yoga Expert for T.K.D.L. project, A joint project by CSIR, Ministry of Health, Department of AYUSH, Govt.of India and MDNIY. The TKDL Project is meant to digitalize the traditional knowledge well documented in Indian scriptures.  Prof. Sahay was also working in the capacity of Head  and Managing Editor of Yoga Mimamsa at Kaivalyadhama. He then founded Yogic Heritage to spead his knowledge and help yoic aspirants find the treasure of traditional knowledge.
Prof. Sahay has devoted his entire life to study the literary aspect of Yoga and impart the teachings of Indian philosophy and traditional yoga to younger generation in a very simple and precise manner. He continues to inspire the students of Yoga through his writings and live lectures.