Course 2
1 week course on indepth introduction to Yoga Philosophy & Hathayoga


Prof . Sahay is conducting short course in Traditional yoga for Five days, starting from Monday to Friday. The dates for the course may be verified from here .   This course is designed to teach yoga for 40 Hours @ 8 Hours per day to those who want to get introduced to Authentic Yoga system. This course is also meant for those who want some refresher course in Yoga.   This includes 2 Hours of asana Practice, 3 Hours of Pranayama Practice, 2½ hours of Theory lectures and ½  an hour of Meditation everyday.

Details of the course

Theory classes are also divided as 4 Hours on Hathayoga,
4 Hours on Patanjala Yogasutra and 4and ½ hours on Indian Philosophy
(Total 12 and ½ Hours in 5 days)

Practice of Asana and Pranayama will be based mainly on texts and tradition but it will not include any asana which has developed recently and  their scriptural background is yet to be confirmed.

Pranayama technique will be taught as per Hathayogapradipika and Gherandasamhita .
Practice  will be focussed mainly on Puraka and Rechaka. However, students will also be taught theoretically the application of Bandhas in Kumbhakas and its importance. Depending on the progress of the student, Kumbhaka can also be practised.
(Total time to be given on Practice will be 25 hours)

Meditation will be taught as per the information available in the text and this is supposed to impart a clear understanding about textual concept of meditation.

Other Instructions

This is 5 days package course.
For international students the total course fee is Euro 400
which includes shared room accommodation with attached toilet, Two meals, and one snacks.

Students are requested to pay Euro 100 in advance through PayPal

Those paying advance in full, at least three months before, will get Euro 25 discount and will be required to pay Euro 375 only in full .

While paying through PayPal, students are requested to add the commission amount being deducted ( @ 5% ) by the PayPal.

For Indian Students , the total course fee is Rs. 24000/-( Rs. Eighteen thousand only).